YMDC-5071 is a SoC chip that is highly integrated with CalmADM3(16bit RISC CPU, 24bit DSP), NOR Flash(4Mbit), SRAM(128KB), USB 2.0 Function and USB 1.1 HOST.  It is designed for better power saving solution so that it is suitable for Portable Digital Audio Encoder/Decoder systems.  Also, constructing with 16bit RISC CPU and 24bit Fixed Point DSP in YMDC-5071, this architecture provides the best solution (performance and cost point of view) for controlling audio data processing.  Firmware in YMDC-5071 is easy upgradeable through the USB.

-   Portable Flash type MP3 player
-   Digital Voice Recorder
-   MP3 Application (USB Host player, SD only player, Car stereo, Bluetooth, Mobile phone)
-   Other Media Applications
-   VOIP Applications

 Core           16bit RISC CPU (100MHz)                         ADC : 10bit x 5Channel
                   24bit Fixed Point DSP                               IO DMA / RTC / Chip ID (128bit)
                   Instruction Cache: 4KB                            Timer and Counters / Watch Dog Timer
                   X, Y Data Cache: each 6KB                      LCD Interface Circuits
 Memory      4Mbit NOR Flash Memory                Interface      
                   128KB SRAM                                          UART / IIS / IIC / SPI / GPIOs
                   4KB Boot ROM                                        SPDIF In/Output
 USB 2.0 Function (High Speed supported)           Clock Generator & PLL  
 USB 1.1 HOST                                                   Operating Voltage Range     
 Card           SD(Secure Digital Card) Interface              Internal Logic        1.65V ~ 1.95V   
                   MMC(Multi Media Card) Interface             Analog, I/O Ports   2.7V  ~ 3.3V
                   Memory Stick Interface                    Package     
                   Smart Media Card Interface                      144FBGA (10x10) for YMDC-5071
 CE Sample  Available Now                                

-   Provides Reference Solutions (Hardware and Software)
-   Provides various types support : full (H/W, S/W) design support or provides S/W lib.
     for customer design
-   Provides EVA board for software developing
-   Provides Software Development Kit
      Flash type MP3 player (MP3, Ogg-Vorbis, ADPCM, WMA with PDDRM)
      Text viewer, Image Viewer, Video play
      Host MP3
      Digital Voice Recorder




  Audio Format

 MPEG1,2,2.5 Layer3 (8~320Kbps, VBR)
 WMA Version 9 (5.4~192Kbps), ASF
 Ogg Vorbis (Q1 –Q10)
 Samsung Private Audio Codec (96Kbps, 160Kbps)
 ADPCM(G.729, 8kbps)
 Sampling Frequency : 8~48KHz
 ID3 Tag Ver1.0/1.1/2.0 Support ID3 Tag Ver2.3/2.4


Audio Format

 MP3 (8Kbps – 320Kbps)
 ADPCM (G,726, 8Kbps)
 Microsoft Voice Recoding format (.WAV)



 Bit Map (LCD Size)      Text View


File System

 FAT12, FAT16, FAT32





Media Card

 SMC,MMC,SD,Memory Stick

MS Optional

Playback Time

 AAA×1EA MP3 Play: more than 15hours


PC Interface

 USB 2.0 : Mass Storage Class
 Speed : 25 ~ 28 Mbps (download), 33Mbps (upload)


USB Host

 USB 1.1 : FAT12/16, Mass Storage Class
               Bulk and CBI mode support


Support OS

 Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP and MAC



 Headphone Out, Line-In, MIC
 S/N : 90dB
 THD : 0.0038%

Option : Line-Out
Optical IN/Out

Copyright Protection

 WMA portable Device DRM
 Net Sync, Media Sync(X-Sync), Hanmaro DRM



 128x128 Color LCD / Color OLED  (65K Color)
 128x64  B/W LCD / 7 Color LED Backlight


FM Radio

 FM Tuner(20Preset)


Audio post processing

 SRS-Wow (Wow, TrueBase, Focus)
 Spatializer (Vi.B.E, PCE)
 Speed/Key Control (0.55 – 2.0X Play Speed Control)
 Equalizer (Normal, Classic, Pop, Rock, Jazz,
 User EQ)
 Spectrum Level Meter (10 Band), L/R Level Meter


Firmware Upgrade

 Firmware Upgradeable via USB


Playback Mode

 One, Directory, Sub-Directory, All,
 Shuffle, Intro and Repeat A-B


Music Management

 Play List(M3U)