PMC-100(S5L8424x) supports various Audio format files in Flash Memory Media and PMC-100 is
a true Single Chip Digital Audio Player IC embedding Audio Codec, Power Management block even charger and 5M bit internal SDRAM. So, there is no need extra components for Digital Audio Player application

CPU(125MHz), CalmRISC16 (4KB I-Cache, 6KB X-Cache, 6KB Y-Cache) with 24-Bit DSP(CalmMAC2424)
• Internal Memory : 50KB Boot ROM and 5Mbit Embedded SDRAM
• External Memory : NAND(SLC/MLC) Flash with Multi-bit error correction (RS-ECC)
                             (up to 4X64M/128M/256M/512M/1G/2G/4G/8G bits NAND Flash)
• Support External Storage Media (Multi-Media Card, Smart Media Card, 2-Secure Digital Card)
• Audio Codec : 5-ch Audio ADC (24-bit) and Class-AB Audio DAC with Headphone driver(2-ch,                        16-bit resolution 128x over sampling, 95dB SNR) for Audio
• ADC : 4ch. ADC for Key Scan, Battery Level check
• Hardware Protection of Boot Address Space at FMC
• Power block : Power Management Unit for Li-ion/Li-polymer Battery and Battery
                       Charger embedded
• Display I/F : Integrated 4/8/16 parallel, serial interface for LCD driver
• Host(PC) Interface : USB 2.0(High speed)
• Various peripherals (I2S, I2C, UART, SPI, GPIO, TIMER, WDT. Etc)
• Power Separated RTC
• Operating Condition : -20C ~ 70C, 3.0V I/O, 1.1V Core
• Clock Frequency : Input (32.768KHz, 12MHz), Operating (Up to 125MHz)
• Packaging : 144-FBGA-1010
Application : MP3P (Janus-DRM support), Voice Recorder, Host MP3, SD MP3,
                     Educational device for Kids





  Audio Format

 MPEG1,2,2.5 Layer3(8~320Kbps, VBR)
 WMA Version 9 (32~192Kbps), ASF
 Ogg Vorbis (Q1 –Q10)
 ADPCM(G.726, 32kbps)
 Sampling Frequency : 8~48KHz
 ID3 Tag Ver1.0/1.1/2.0 Support


Audio Format

 MP3 (8Kbps – 320Kbps)
 ADPCM (G,726, 32Kbps)
 Microsoft Voice Recoding format (.WAV)


Viewer (Image/Text)

 Bit Map (LCD Size)      Text View





File System

 FAT12, FAT16, FAT32





Media Card



Playback Time

 MP3 Play : more than 15hours (200mAh/3.7V)


PC Interface

 USB 2.0 : Mass Storage Class
 Speed :40 Mbps


Support OS

 Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP and MAC



 Headphone Out, Line-In, MIC-In
 S/N : 90dB
 THD : 0.0038%


Copyright Protection

 WMA portable Device DRM, Janus-DRM 2.0
 Net Sync, Media Sync(X-Sync), Hanmaro DRM,  Melon, Dosirak



 320x240 Color LCD  (265K Color)
 128x64  B/W LCD / 7 Color LED Backlight


FM Radio

 FM Tuner(20Preset)


Audio post processing

 SRS-Wow (Wow, TrueBase, Focus)
 Spatializer (Vi.B.E, PCE)
 Speed/Key Control (0.55 – 2.0X Play Speed Control)
 Equalizer (Normal, Classic, Pop, Rock, Jazz,
                 User EQ)
Spectrum Level Meter (10 Band), L/R Level Meter


Firmware Upgrade

 Firmware Upgradeable via USB


Playback Mode

 One, Directory, Sub-Directory, All,
 Shuffle, Intro and Repeat A-B


Music Management

 Play List(M3U)



-   Portable Flash type MP3 player
-   Mini PMP
-   Digital Voice Recorder
-   MP3 Application (USB Host player, SD only player, Car stereo, Bluetooth, Mobile phone)
-   Other Media Applications
-   VOIP Applications